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bar_sEstravagario is a fair trade bar and organic restaurant in the centre of Bologna, close to the central train station (10 minute walk).  It is not merely an economic activity since social, ecological and health factors are an important ingredient too. The owners are at the same time cooks, barmen, farmers and ecological and social activists.

We invite you to come and visit us to drink Indian green tea with home made muffins, have a lunch prepared with mainly local biological ingredients,  relax in our reading area, exchange books in our book-crossing shelves, visit our present art exhibition or just have a chat or be comforted by a smile.



Opening days:
Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday from 8 a.m. till midnight

Saturday from 7.30 p.m. till midnight
Sunday closed

Philosophy and mission

A coffee taken in a bar can make a great difference to the peasant who has cultivated it in Africa or South America. In our daily life we do many actions as consumers like buying the newspaper or a pair of shoes, drinking a coffee in a bar, eating food bought at the supermarket, going on holiday in some exotic resort, but we seldom reflect that behind these products and services we buy there are people that have produced or offered them:

– how have the raw materials been extracted?
– how have they been transformed?
– in what conditions operate and live the workers?
– what effect has our purchase on the culture and traditions of the country of origin?
– what impact has it on the environment?

Conventional trade ignores these simple questions.

We are convinced that being a critical consumer it is possible to improve the producer’s quality of life and at the same time protect the environment. This is why we have joined the fair trade and biological or organic farming network.

Our menu is vegetarian for the following reasons:
–    ecological, since meat production requires more land, water and energy than food plants
–    social, since 1/3 of arable land in the world is used to feed meat production animals rather than feeding people directly
–    sanitary, since a prevalently vegetarian diet is more suitable to maintain healthy conditions and prevent diseases and obesity

We collaborate with professional training centres and public institutes to host stagers and disabled workers.
We believe that social and environmental ingredients can make the recipes we cook more pleasant and tasty to eat.

Who we are

We are a team with a significant experience in organic farming, biological and vegetarian restaurant, environmental education, organization of cultural and artistic events, international cooperation and working with disabled people or with social problems.
Some of us have been the founders of the first consortium of organic producers in Emilia-Romagna (Il Salto) and also of the organic cooperative Dulcamara which manages an ecological agritourism in the nearby regional Park Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi of Abbadessa. Furthermore, some have participated in writing down the law on organic farming.


equo e sdolidale
Fair trade

Fair trade is an alternative way of doing commerce with producers in disadvantage countries. It is a partnership between fair trade organizations and democratic cooperatives of small producers, aimed at creating opportunities of sustainable auto development.  Regulations require a serious respect of the environment, workers, local populations and the use of renewable resources (energy, water, land, seeds, etc.). The selling price of products are calculated so as to be fair and part of the incomes have to be invested locally in education, welfare and social services.
Products we use from fair trade include: coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit juices, beverages, snacks, cous cous, spices, liquors, etc. Our supplier is CTM Altromercato and we cooperate with Coop. Ex-Aequo which owns a fair trade shop right in the heart of Bologna.

certificato icea nuovo
Organic farming

   Certified organic products are obtained without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, maintaining soil fertility      through organic composting and soft soil working, protecting and increasing biodiversity, practicing crop rotation and excluding GMOs. The only animal products used (eggs, milk and cheese) are also organic and come from breeders which respect the biological necessities of animals and where they are fed with organic food, cured with omeopathy and the exclusion of antibiotics.
Moreover, we choose, wherever possible, products coming from local farmers so as to enhance the local economy and reduce transport distances. One of the partners of Estravagario has an organic farm (Az. Agr. La Ronza) and supplies the restaurant with fresh vegatables, wild herbs, fruit and wine. Other local suppliers are: Coop. DulcamaraRio Stella (cheese), Zuffa (wine), Rocca dei Fiori (aromatic herbs), etc.